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David Wilson



David Wilson is the singer, guitar player and songwriter in the bands Miss Ohio and Summer Husbands. As a member of Miss Ohio, he has spent over ten years recording and performing extensively. In 2016, the band released "White Hot: The Best of Miss Ohio". His latest project, Summer Husbands, will release their debut EP in 2017.

As a writer, his work has appeared in places like Atlas Obscura, Gawker, The Awl and the Morning News. 

He has a BA from Rutgers University and an MFA from the New School.



Miss Ohio

I am the singer, guitar player and songwriter for the band Miss Ohio. Miss Ohio has recorded 2 full lengths and 3 EPs over the past decade.

Summer Husbands

I also sing, play guitar and write songs for Summer Husbands.  Summer Husbands are currently working on their debut EP.




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